Puerto Rican Pastelon – Vegan Recipe

This Puerto Rican Pastelon is vegan, packed with Caribbean flavors, sweet and savory, and easy to make. This casserole dish is the perfect comfort food for your family or any gathering. It will be your favorite casserole easy recipe! 

Puerto Rican Pastelon - Vegetarian Recipe

This Puerto Rican Pastelon is my version adapted from my abuela’s recipe. Pastelon is a classic Puerto Rican casserole dish layered with sweet plantains, stuffed with ground meat, vegetables, and bound together with beaten eggs. That is why some people refer to it as the Puerto Rican Lasagna. This version is vegan, easy to make, sweet and savory, and it will be your favorite! Every family on the island has a different way to make pastelon. I adapted my recipe from my grandma to make it vegan.

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