Hey there! Welcome to The Hungry Dragonfly! I’m Mariela, the writer, photographer and recipe developer behind The Hungry Dragonfly!

Enjoying a sunny day around Winter Park Florida.

I share vegetarian and vegan recipes that are simple to follow and require friendly ingredients that are easy to find. Because life is about having a balance. I create healthy recipes and also some comforting dishes, as well. What else can you find here on my blog? I share seasonal baking recipes and tips, lifestyle ideas, pet friendly road trips and coffee shops.

Lola, Olivia, Kathy and Cocoa.

About Me:

I’m a teacher, photographer, baker and animal rescuer from Puerto Rico, but currently living in New Hampshire. I come from a family that loves to cook and bake. I’ve been experimenting and learning in the kitchen from a young age. I’m a self-taught baker, although I have a Wilton certificate in baking and cake decorating.

My Journey:

I opened a home-based bakery named Libelula’s Delights in 2011 when I was living in Puerto Rico. I started making cupcakes, cake pops and marshmallow figurines. Then we were stationed in Fort Campbell, KY and I started making custom cakes and desserts. In 2015, we started a new journey in Florida, and I was having a hard time adapting to the place, so I created “Healthy Delights by Libelula” on Instagram with the purpose of tracking my diet and sharing healthy vegan recipes. Then after posting healthy smoothies for a while, I changed my name to “The Hungry Dragonfly.” I started posting a variety of recipes but mostly baking and desserts. Even though I don’t follow a vegan diet 100%, I share a lot of vegan and vegetarian dishes.

We moved to New Hampshire two months ago and I’m so excited about our new journey. This place brings me a lot of inspiration. My goal is to make your life easier with simple delicious recipes and cooking tips.

Hiking around Vaughan Woods State Park in Maine during fall season/

Fun Facts About Me:

  • We have twelve rescued pets, including 4 dogs, 3 cats, 3 sugar gliders, 1 bearded dragon and 1 snake.
  • I love road trips, coffee shops and hiking with my dogs.
  • I go hiking every weekend and we take Olivia with us.
  • My favorite kind of shoes are boots… all year around.
  • I mostly wear black but shh I like pink sometimes.
  • I’m scared of cockroaches and airplanes.
  • I prefer animals over people.